Saturday, May 18, 2024

The Art of Ritual class is based on the premise that any person can learn all of the basics of witchcraft in a year, and then spend a lifetime deepening the knowledge. Each week is spent on a different aspect, building one's knowledge steadily through assigned reading and discussion with other students via our bulletin board. Twice a month we meet live for further discussion about the current lessons. Throughout the year (at least monthly) we will also meet for rituals, providing each student with experience doing group work. We will work magick and honor the Lord and Lady.

The Class is based on traditional teaching, despite being entirely online. We believe that reading, writing, and discussion -- most of all discussion! -- are the soundest ways for learners to comprehend the material presented. We strive to incorporate lesson elements for each kind of learner (visual, aural, and kinesthetic). We believe we offer a course similar to graduate level programs in college, rather than '101' coursework available elsewhere. We use a content management system and permissions to manage lesson availability throughout the class year, Zoom for our meetings and rituals, Facebook for general conversation, and a bulletin board for lesson replies and discussion.

Our ritual and class meeting dates are posted at the beginning of the year, and students must attend 80% of each to receive a passing grade at the end of the year. Students who complete the Art of Ritual class may request admittance into JaguarMoon Coven and thereby continue their studies with us. They may also go on to other endeavors, knowing they were trained well on all of the basics of the Craft and comfortably able to join any other Tradition or group.

We recognize that we are all adults, and the class has flexibility to accommodate students who need a break, or are unable to continue with the plan. We also are aware that the virtual environment is not for everyone. To that end, although payment in full is required before the start of the class year (November 1st), students who leave before the end of November will receive a full refund. If a student must leave before the end of December 50% is refunded. Thereafter, a place is held in future classes for the student to return and take up their learning once again. Please note that no student is declined because they are unable to pay; we are happy to discuss barter or other non-monetary arrangements. The payment for the entire year is $100.

Our revised lesson plan is based on the one Maat originally created in 1998, although it has been somewhat modified to accommodate the increasingly busy schedules of our students. This primarily means that some coursework has been moved to our advanced lessons (primarily our work with the Dark Moon). It also reflects our change to a class schedule starting November 1st and ending on Samhain, October 31st.

Our lesson plan is divided into several modules, for a complete list, see the link, below.

If you are interested in learning more about the class or have any other questions, please contact Maat at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..