A Warrior

         "There is no such thing as being a
                      good warrior,
                      and I don´t mean good at being a
                      If you say that you are a warrior,
                      it means that you take a stand for
                      something and it also means that
                      you involve yourself in some sort
                      of conflict.
                      a conflict usually has two sides
                      and you know, one of the funny
                      facts of life is that never is one
                      side entirely right and the other
                      side entirely wrong.
                      No side is entirely good nor bad.
                      So, by all means, become a
                      warrior, be a warrior.
                      Take a stand for what you
                      believe in but keep your
                      intentions clear.
         Criticize and question your own
                      reasons. If you want to fight for
                      the environment,
                      fight for this earth to become a
                      better place to live in, for all
                      living beings
                      and for the future generations.
                      But watch out, so you don’t use
                      this ‘war’ as an excuse, only
                      because you personally feel
                      mistreated and abused by
         Become a warrior, be a warrior
                      but never, never say that you are
                      the good guy
                      and the other one is the bad

~Author Unknown