Saturday, May 18, 2024

When the Moon is passing through these Signs, these are some advantageous Magickal Workings.

Moon In Aries:
For initiating new projects, and speeding up old ones. Good for passionate relationships, and situations where courage, energy and an initiative is needed. Spells involving rebirth, authority, leadership, rebirth, & healing spells of the Crown and Third Eye Chakras

Moon In Taurus:
For stabilizing, solidity and endurance. This Moon works well with projects that have been floating and need to be grounded. A Waxing Moon in Taurus is the time to begin money Magick or stabilize a shaky relationship. the Moon in Taurus grants Boons for abundance. Spells involving relationships, love, material possessions, money, & healing spells of the Throat Chakra.
Moon In Gemini:
Have a shy violet light? Light a Communications Candle when the Moon is Waxing in Gemini. Need to learn something fast or be in 2 places at the same time? Waxing Moon in Gemini is for all communication projects and will bring friends when asked for. Spells involving communication, writing, travel & healing spells for the Heart Chakra, arms, and hands.
Moon In Cancer:
This is an excellent Moon phase for the antique collector. All matters dealing with the home are best for the Waxing Moon. House Blessing is especially nice at this time, invoking a new home or apartment, or stabilizing a different situation. Spells involving protection, home, honoring lunar deities, & healing spells of the Solar Plexus, Heart and Navel Chakras.
Moon In Leo:
This moon phase is Regal, expressing Royalty and ceremony. All acts of loyalty through friendship. What an ideal time to throw a successful party on this day, then in initiate the Magick when the Moon is in Leo. Do things such as Solar Blasts, Uncrossing, House Blessing, and Attraction Spells. Good for Attraction, Recognition, Creative Flair, and for self expression. Spells involving courage, fertility, life, & healing spells of the Base and Navel Chakras.
Moon In Virgo:
Initiate Magick on problems that you haven't been able to solve and need help analyzing. Good for Tests and School Projects. This Moon phase is excellent for Employment matters. Communications are precise as this is a Pristine Moon. Healing Magick and all sixth house health matters should be dealt with at this time. Spells involving employment, success, partnerships, emotional balance, karmic law, & healing spells of the Belly Chakra.
Moon In Libra:
Initiate Love Magick for a True Love, a soulmate, or just for some friendship. A most harmonious time phase. Great for Socializing and meeting people. To redecorate the house, or change your appearance beauty knows no bounds during this Lunar Shine. If there are squabbles and disputes to be settled, then its a good time for situations where Compromise, Diplomacy and a sense of fairplay can be invoked. Spells involving justice, meetings, balance, harmony, & healing spells of the Base Chakra and the kidneys.

Moon In Scorpio:
The effects of this powerful moon phase are very strong. Scorpio is a regenerative sign, meaning that things must die to be born. Be sure your Magickal requests can handle a Phoenix phase before you begin. Excellent time to lay back and plan Magickal operations for this is a good Occult Moon. Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius shouldn't do Magick at this time. Spells involving strength, power, sexuality ,& healing spells of Navel Chakra

Moon In Sagittarius:
Good will abounds here and if you've been asking for a miracle start now. It's likely you'll get it. This is a good Moon Phase for Legal Matters as shown in the " win at court " seal. People who work on tips should always have a Jupiter Candle burning on these moon phases. If philosophy is your bag, light a Wisdom Candle and travel the Spheres. Ancient Knowledge is an open door during this Lunar Phase.  Jovial good times are in for Gamblers watch it though, you could lose a lot too. Spells involving travel, truths, finding lost items, & healing spells of the liver and thighs.
Moon In Capricorn:
When you have a project that requires no nonsense and a lot of hardwork, tedious labor, and difficult business situations, this is the time. All situations that call for self discipline and ambitious effort. Spells involving organization, personal gains, recognition, career, & healing spells of the Base Chakra, bones, teeth, and skin.
Moon In Aquarius:
Looking to start a revolution in your office, job or school? Also good for Humanitarian Endeavors, Group Projects, and Bonding Friendships. All Magick will be of a progressive nature. Inventions, Electronics, and Higher Knowledge of an Intuitive Nature. Sudden brilliant insight so its good when you are blocked to invoke now. Another PartyMoon; just open the door and invite all the neighborhood Eccentrics. Spells involving binding spells, freedoms, friendship, breaking bad habits or addictions, & healing spells of the Base Chakra, and blood.
Moon In Pisces:
The Psychic Phase of the Moon brings internal insight through Mediumistic Thought Processes. Good for developing all phases of Psychic Development, Dreams ESP, etc. Good if you are doing Magick for Divination, Crystalmancy, Tarot Card, Pendulum, Psychic Healing, and all forms of Psychic Work. Spells involving music, art, telepathy, dreams, communications of all kinds, & healing spells of the Base Chakra and lymph glands.
~from Maat's Book of Shadows