Start relaxing. Feel all of your body. Feel it's weight its heaviness. Slowly, from the feet up, loose the stress of the day. Let your body begin to float. Let the chorus in your mind fade away. No questions, no worries. You are in a safe space, ground and center, lying in a comfortable position on your back.

Float through each color of the rainbow.

You are in red. It is vibrant, healthy, rejuvenating. It is not merely a color or a cloud but everything. You are red, all around is red. It is a place without walls, without separation. You float here and then begin to rise.

The color changes. It is orange vibrant, healthy, rejuvenating... (progress though the colors yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple, white, each vibrant and healthy)

When you reach white you land gently on your feet in a meadow filled with flowers. You are safe and relaxed here. This is the beginning of your journey, Looks down and you will see a path under your feet. Follow it. The path is known to you, if at any time if it seems to stop or you do not see the way simply trust yourself and journey on.

Notice all that is around you. The flowers, the trees, any animals along the way, the feelings you have. What do you hear, smell, feel, or see?

While journeying to your sacred place you may gather items. They may be of nature or man-made. If they are here you will know.

Soon you approach a swift running body of water, it may be a stream or a river. Over it is a bridge. You will cross is bridge and follow where the path leads. Again, all details that you notice will bring guidance to you. How is the bridge made, of what material, what does it crossover, is it strong or fragile, hidden or out in the open?

After you cross the bridge you follow your path and come to a place that feels secure, safe, home. Here you stop.

This is the place where you choose to build your place of power. This is where only you may journey and none enter without your permission or invitation. It is safe from all. Everything is possible here.

Using your power, lay a circular foundation of whatever material seems strongest to you. Create the structure, the walls, the doors. Is it a dwelling, a natural place, a man made place? What materials are used?

Enter your place of power

You may build, grow, study, or merely visit for peace from the mundane world. The more often you visit the stronger it becomes.

When you are done creating, familiarize yourself with your place--feel comfortable, sit on the furniture, read, meditate, stay until you can go there without having to concentrate on its appearance.

If you have already visited your place of power look to see what changes have occurred or additions that you have made. This place is created by your subconscious and is a reflection of you and your needs. It is safety, it is home, it will tell you of the needs and events in your life.

Place any objects you have found within this place. Examine them and remember them. For they too are tools that you have asked for and will lead you or give you what you inwardly need.

After a time you will need to come back to your physical body.

You need not go back down the path for now you have established a direct connection between you and this place. Merely transport yourself back to your physical body. From now on you may journey directly to your place of power without following the path.

Feel your body, slowly become aware of your surroundings. Be in your body and return. Remember all that you have seen.

Take some time to write all that you can remember in your journal and to eat.

~ from Maat's Book of Shadows