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Our Current Application Period is Now Closed.

PLEASE CONTACT US if you are interested in the Class

We offer a year-long class with structured training from an experienced teacher. You will learn, along with several other students, all of the basics of witchcraft: our history, how to dress a candle for spellwork, what correspondences will best boost your magical workings, how to craft a ritual, what the ethics of a witch entail, how to read an astrological chart, and more (for a look at our full year, please see the Art of Ritual Class page). Unlike many other online programs, our training isn't just a matter of 'read and regurgitate,' instead we talk about what we are reading and there are many practical tasks we do at the same time so as to make the lesson relevant. Moreover, every student has a mentor to discuss the lessons with. All coven members are mentors, and all have taken this class in previous years.

We beleive that there is no one true way in Witchcraft and Wicca, but there are directions, paths, and well-trodden walkways to follow. We see our job as guides to those paths and so our class spends a lot of time look at alternative viewpoints. We are pleased if you finish the class with a sense of what YOU know to be true and accurate so you can continue your studies on your own or feel comfortable joining any group. We teach our classes entirely online, using readings, discussions, and hands-on experience.

Moreover, students participate in rituals throughout the year which provides practical experience in casting a circle, raising energy, Working on the astral plane, and directing your energy towards a specific purpose. These rituals includes the eight sabbats, full moon rituals and a unique series of dark moon rituals.

Our next class will start on NOVEMBER 1st 2016. Please note: We do not accept every student who applies, as our system of training is based on no more than three students for each mentor. This ensures that each student has direct and open access to their mentor all through the year.

Please contact Lady Maat with any questions you have about the program, the class structure or to receive an application in June 2014 at: hps [AT] jaguarmoon [DOT] org.

We firmly believe that our point of view is merely one way to look at the world, and so we always welcome commentary and submissions. If you would like to add to our knowledge, make a correction, or just ask a question, just send a note to our webweaver.

Above all, enjoy!
Lady Maat
High Priestess
hps_at_jaguarmoon dot org

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