Saturday, May 18, 2024

This is ideally performed when the moon is in Taurus, as that facilitates a connection with animals living near you.

Before starting, choose an animal you've seen in your daily life—a squirrel, raccoon, deer, hawk, etc. Pay close attention to it when you see it, learn its habits, places where it lives, and any other information you can observe over a period of time. (That time will vary by your schedule and the animals' presence.)

  1. Cast a circle (you probably want to enclose the entire room, if not your whole house).
  2. Center yourself.
  3. Breath deeply and close your eyes.
  4. Imagine your animal. See its size and shape clearly. See how it moves around the room, how it sees, scents, and handles the room.
  5. Begin to move like the animal, experience the world as if you were its shadow or mate. Take all the time that you need.
  6. When you feel finished, return to the center of the circle and return to yourself.
  7. Say aloud: "Thank You, Lord of the Wild, for this gift of Knowledge." Then thank the animal in whatever words feel appropriate.
  8. Journal your experience.
  9. Open the circle.

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