Saturday, May 18, 2024

All of my pets have come from animal shelters. A part of me hates going there, because I want to take them all home. It's a small comfort sometimes that I am saving one, when there are a dozen left behind. Eventually I came up with a quick bit of magick to help them all.

While at the shelter, try to get a quiet moment and center yourself. Hold your hands close to each other, palms facing one another, almost touching. Feel energy flowing from your hands into the space between.

Form it into a dense ball of loving energy, then blow the ball up until it is the size of a soccer. When you feel it is ready, release the energy up and out, filling the entire building with loving energy.

When you get home, light a white candle, and spend time in meditative prayer, visualizing all the animals that come to that shelter finding homes.

~copyright 2005, 2016, Lisa Mc Sherry

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