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Metal Element
People born in the years controlled by the Metal element will be as rigid and resolute in their expression as their particular signs will permit. They are guided by strong feelings and will pursue their objectives with intensity and little hesitation. Sustained by their ambitions, they are capable of prolonged effort to get what they want. They are very success oriented and unwavering in their determination. These persons are not easily swayed or influenced to change course once they have decided on it, even by hardships, drawbacks and initial failures. Whatever constancy and perseverance their native lunar signs contain will be greatly enhanced by the Metal element. But they do have trouble letting go when situations are no longer feasible and can be unreasonably stubborn and inflexible in their fixity of mind. They prefer to sort out and solve their problems alone and will not appreciate interference or unsolicited assistance. They map out their own destinies, clear their own paths and visualize their own goals without outside help.

Although they may look inflexible and coldly self-reliant, persons ruled by Metal can conduct electricity; their strong impulses and generative powers will be felt by all they come into contact with, thereby bringing about the changes and transformations they desire. They have strong monetary and accumulative instincts and will use these traits to support their independent spirits and their strong tastes for luxury, opulence and power.

To be totally effective, however, they must learn to compromise and not to be overly insistent on always having their own way.  Often, they are unbending and opinionated and will break off a good relationship because others do not heed their wishes or conform readily to their will.

Water Element
Persons born in a year dominated by the Water element have a better than average ability to communicate and to advance their ideas by influencing the thoughts of others.  Other people's minds are their vessels and help carry their creative ideas into positive action.

They are basically ruled by sympathetic vibrations and convey their feelings and emotions to the best degree that their native animal sign will permit. They have a knack for noticing things that will become important and can accurately gauge future potentials.

They set things into the orbit they desire by prodding and utilizing the talents and resources of others. However, they know how to be unobtrusive in their persistence and will never make others feel they are being imposed upon.  In this manner, like their element, Water, they will be able to wear away the strongest rocks of opposition by their silent but constant efforts.  Because these people would rather infiltrate than dominate, they will know how, when and whom to approach on a given subject.  They have the talent for making people desire what they themselves desire, thus achieving their goals in a sure but indirect way.  They like to propel instead of compel others into motion.

Because of their basic awareness and flexibility, they are fluid like their element.  In their negative states, such people tend to be too conciliatory and will take the easiest route open to them.  At their worst, they will be inconstant and passive and lean too much on others for support.  Thus, they sabotage their basic abilities for accomplishing goals.  To succeed, they must be more assertive and use their immense power of persuasion to turn their plans to reality.  Others would be wise to be guided by their intuitions.

Wood Element
People born under the auspices of the Wood element value their ethics; they have high morals and a good deal of self-confidence.  They know the intrinsic value of things and their interests are wide and varied.  Their expansive and cooperative natures will allow them to do things on a grand scale.  They possess executive personalities because they apportion and separate matters into the right categories and work orders.  Their progressiveness and generosity enable them to take on large projects, long-term or sizable developments or expensive scientific studies-definitely not one-person ventures.

They have the ability to convince others to merge and join forces with them.  They branch out rapidly and diversify into many fields whenever possible, as they advocate constant growth and renewal.  They know how to share whatever rewards they reap by collective efforts with all those who justly deserve a piece of the corporate pie.  Their innate goodwill and compassionate understanding of how others think and cooperate will raise them to very fortunate positions. They will find support and finances whenever and wherever they have need of them, for people will always have faith in their ability to turn information and ideas into profit.

Their chief shortcoming is that they tend to bite off more than they can chew and push things to a breaking point.  They may not be able to finish what they start if they spread their resources too thin.  Their plans could then turn sour or they may drift from one project to another without satisfactory results.

Fire Element
Persons born in the Fire element will display above average qualities of leadership; they are decisive and sure of themselves. They have the maximum capacity allowed by their particular sign to motivate people and bring ideas into fruition because they will be more aggressive and positive than other natives of their particular sign. Loving adventure and innovation, they will tend to take on bright new ideas readily and try to dominate others with their creativeness and originality. They do not fear risks and like to keep on the move and to explore new horizons.

They are the doers - given to dynamic action and speech. However, they must keep a close reign on their emotions as their ambition and forcefulness may amplify their selfishness and make them inconsiderate and impatient when their wishes are not gratified. The more a Fire person tries to achieve his or her ends by force or violence, the more he or she will encounter opposition and danger.

They have all the prerequisites to produce winners of the highest caliber provided they are sympathetic to the views of others and hear everyone out before taking action.  They should cultivate the qualities of a good listener and curb their impulsive tendencies.

Many of these people also tend to be too outspoken for their own good.
Like their element, Fire, they constantly draw others to their warmth and brilliance and they can greatly benefit those who seek their company. But Fire persons can also turn destructive and cause a good deal of damage when they fail to control and direct their energies properly.

Earth Element
People born under signs influenced by the Earth element are more concerned with functional and practical aspirations. They have excellent deductive powers and like solid and reliable pursuits on which to expend their energy.  With their foresight and capacity for organization, they are effective planners and administrators.  They will put whatever resources they find to optimum use and are prudent in financial affairs as well as holding on to their own money. They are intelligent and most objective in directing others toward realizing well-plotted goals. They are generally enterprising in a serious and methodical manner and can organize and run businesses that require a firm hand. They make excellent managers and are good at reinforcing or building a solid foundation for any industry, trade or government.  These are people who will substantiate their findings and have sound reasons for everything they do. While they may move slowly, they proceed toward good and lasting results.

People belonging to this particular element like to keep things in their proper perspective and are conservative by nature. They rarely exaggerate their findings, calculations and expectations.  They will give you their undiluted views and present the true picture of a situation without any retouching, modifications or frills. Their most common faults will be their lack of imagination, over-protectiveness of their own interests and unadventurous outlook on life.

However, they can be expected to shoulder their responsibilities admirably and can discipline themselves.

~Based on the (out of print)
Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes
by Theodora Lau, 1979, Harper and Row.