Saturday, May 18, 2024

Another good way to groom your auric field is with the simple auric brush. It is like brushing your hair, but now you will brush your aura. If you can, do it with a partner.

One person stands with legs spread to shoulder width, arms at the sides, with eyes closed. The other begins at the front of the body. With fingers spread wide, reach up as far above the head of your partner as you can. Imagine that your fingers grow six inches longer than they are. Begin now to use the elongated fingers of both hands as a brush. Make long continuous strokes from above the head down through the body, all the way to the ground. As you reach the ground, bell out the bottom of the field.

Notice that your imaginary elongated fingers actually reach through the physical body.

Make one long stroke down the body without stopping. Do not break your stroke. If you do, start over at the top of the head to prevent energy pile up. Now take a step around the body, and do the same thing so that you can stroke right next to the last stroke. Continue all around the body, covering the entire body till you reach the place where you started.

Make sure you do not leave areas undone.

This has a wonderful calming and grounding effect.

~from Maat's Book of Shadows