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Man is a soul and owns a body with each incarnation, however, there is quite a lot of the human soul that cannot be seen in the physical form. We have many bodies in fact, which are external from our physical body of matter. We have an emotional body and a mental body and extended out from that we have our spiritual body. This is the energy that we project through the extended body we call the etheric body or 'Aura'.
Our aura is very sensitive and we pick up feelings or perceived inklings about others through the energy exchange when auras meet. If we are aware of this and become sensitive to it, we tend to get intuitional feelings about people's emotional states and their attitudes, and quite often their conversation usually confirms what we have already perceived.
This may have been happening to you for a while but you have been unaware as to why you have these knowings about people. Its a sign that your intuition is developing and that you are becoming more sensitive to other people's energy vibrations, picked up through your own aura.

The aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds the body about a metre away and looks like an eggshape. It is the soul's light force as it manifests through the body; the extended energy around the human body which alters in light and colour depending upon the state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.
The aura is not usually seen by the naked eye, even though Kirlian photographers have documented its existence. It has various planes, each existing simultaneously within the auric field, and interdimensionally overlaid within one another. The aura is a virtual hologram in the truest sense of the word.

Our aura is made up of many layers we call the etheric body, and these vary in size depending on each persons energy levels. The energies that make up our aura are our mental energy and emotional energy and spiritual energy. This can be felt in our relationship as the plays a huge part in the attraction of others. We literally feel how the other person reacts to us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually through the aura.

Becoming Aware of Your Energy

Although you may not be aware of this going on, your higher self and soul are. Can you recall a person who you felt very angry and upset when you met them, (this had nothing to do with you) how did this effect you upon meeting them? Could you not sense that something was wrong, and not sure what this was? Did you not worry that it was you who was effecting them this way? Funny isn't it how we take the blame so easily for others feelings.

Now, can you remember meeting someone who was happy and at peace within themselves, how did they effect you? Didn't they give you a sense of peace and calm when you left them? Didn't you feel relaxed and good about yourself? This would have all been felt through the sensitive energy exchanges within both your auras. Have you ever met someone for the first time and realised that you knew this person, and as a result struck up an instant rapport. In the reverse, have you met someone only to instantly dislike them for no apparent reason. What generally happens is that you are picking up on all their energy levels and don't like either their mental or spiritual energy. Sometimes this feeling comes about because they have a hidden mental or emotional agendas and you are being warned about it through the aura's ability to pick up on their energy.
Our thoughts do transmit energy to others and also affect our own levels of physical energy. Remember back to a time you were not happy, maybe even a little depressed. Now try to remember how your energy levels were. I bet you felt drained and lethargic. This is negative mental/emotional energy at work. Now try to remember a happy time and think about your energy level then. I'm sure that you were in high
spirits and your energy was high also. This is positive/mental emotional energy at work.

Our thoughts, like plumbing, need unblocking now and then. Having said this, now you may understand how other people's mental and emotional energies can affect yours and why we get intuitional feelings about new prospective partners and friends fairly quickly.

There is a responsibility with how we affect each other's energy. No one wants to be around negative energy. Our emotional energy affects people every day and if for some reason you are with someone who is feeling a negative emotion, this can drain your energy without you realising it.

Energy Healing

By realising that human beings are made up of energy, one can comprehend new ways of looking at health and illness. In conjunction with medicinal drugs and surgical approaches, vibrational medicine attempts to treat people with pure energy. Central to the work of mental/spiritual integration such as massage, rolfing, pulsing, kinesiology, and Reiki to name but a few, is the concept that the physical body is the outward manifestation of thought patterns (many from childhood), of fears and traumas that we have allowed to penetrate our energy fields or auras.
Within specific locations of our auras we feel: sensations, emotions, thoughts, memories and other non-physical experiences, and these are what we report to our doctors or therapists in the form of physical ailments. Understanding how our physical symptoms are related to these locations within our aura will help us to understand the nature of different illnesses.

Energy work changes unhealthy conditions within the human energy system, promoting a healthy energy field/aura and producing harmony and balance. In this balanced state, humans become more conscious of 'self', and their connection to others and all living things; it helps us to be able to radiate energy from our centres of power called chakras and our level of conscious awareness is lifted and the healing process begins.

The First Layer - Primary Health Aura
It is the first part of the aura, the state between energy and matter composed of tiny energy lines and light beams generated by the living tissues of cells and the functions of human physiology. It emanated 2-5 centimetres from the body; aw well as internally as the meridian grid system, used by acupuncturists, reflexologists and massage therapists.

The Second Layer - Emotional Body
This portion of the aura is associated with feelings. All sensations, emotions and desires are part of this layer. Sometimes call the 'astral body', it holds all the memories and deep emotional responses to your
experiences. Interaction of people takes place at this level. Pleasant or unpleasant you feel the difference. People forming relationships form cords growing out of their chakras connecting them. These cords exist on may of the auric layers. This layer is where we experience our relationships, abuse, job-related experiences and all traumas and joys. Its structure is quite fluid like clouds of fine substance in continual motion. The astral part of this layer is amorphous and it composed of clouds of colour. This extended 26 centimetres from the body.

The Third Layer - Mental Body
A portion of the body comprising of thoughts, opinions, intellectual knowledge, memories, beliefs, and self perceptions of identity and reality. It contains the structure of our ideas. Within this field, thought forms can be seen, clairvoyants connect at this level. It extends from 6-25 centimetres from the body. Is beyond the emotional body and is composed of a still finer substance.

The Fourth Layer - Etheric Body
Energy webbing or underlying foundations that holds together the aura as a holographic unit. This grid structure is what the physical builds on. It carries the primal pattern of the individual's existence, and consciousness at all other levels of reality. It reflects all the possibility of the individual's current incarnation. It is at this level that sound transforms matter, and that sound is most effective for healing the body. It extends 25-50 centimetres from the body.

The Fifth Layer - Celestial Body
This is the emotional level of the spiritual plane in which we experience spiritual ecstacy. Meditations, initiations such as Reiki attunements and transformational work is experienced on this level. It is the point of being where we know our connection is with all the universe. Through it we see light and love in everyone and everything. It extends 50 - 75 centimetres from the body.

The Sixth Layer - The Spiritual Plane
This is the mental level of the individuals spiritual plane. It is where  you connect knowingly with spirit. It is the outer shell of the egg-shaped aura. It contains all the auric bodies associated with the present life the individual is living. It is composed of tiny threads of gold and silver (male and female essences) and holds the aura together. All the chakras receive energy first through this level. Reiki is received through this layer first. This is the strongest, most resilient level of the auric field. Its power current pulses up and down the spine (the Kundalini) carrying energies through the roots of each chakra, and connecting the energies taken through each choker. This plane hold the individual's present spiritual life's plan. It extends out roughly one metre from the body.

~excerpted from the chapter, "Becoming Energy Conscious" in the book, Cosmic Reiki: A Metaphysical Healing Journey by S'Roya Rose, copyright 1997. Image not a part of the excerpt
Used with permission.

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