Amaryllis -- Beautiful, but timid
Apple Blossom -- Preference
Broom, Scottish -- Humility, neatness
Cactus -- Warmth
Clover, Red -- Industry
Daffodil -- Unrequited love
Century Plant -- Delicacy
Chicory -- Frugality
Cyclamen -- Diffidence
Daisy -- I will think of it
Dandelion -- Coquetry
Geranium -- I prefer you
Grass -- Submission, utility
Heath -- Solitude
Holly -- Am I forgotten?
Ivy -- Fidelity, marriage
Lily of the Valley -- Return of happiness
Phlox -- Our hearts are united
Quince -- Temptation
Reed -- Complaisance
Rhododendron -- Agitation
    Pink -- Friendship (also: Pure Love, agape)
    Red -- Love (also Sexual attraction, Eros)
    Yellow -- I'm sorry (also: Jealousy also: Friendship)
Sage -- Esteem
Sweet William -- Gallantry

Magickal Properties of Flowers
 Baby's Breath  modesty, sweet beauty
 Basil  integration, discipline and dragon force
 Begonia  balance, psychism
 Buttercup  self worth, the power of words
 Cactus  manifestation of riches and beauty
 Carnation  deep love, healing, love of self
 Clover  luck, love and fidelity, kindness
 Daffodil  power of inner beauty, clarity of thought
 Dahlia  higher development, self worth, dignity
 Daisy  increasing awareness, creativity, inner strength
 Gardenia  purity of action and purpose, emotional help
 Geranium  happiness, healing, and renewed joy
 Gladiola  receptivity to divine will
 Hibiscus  femininity, sexuality and warmth, new creation
 Hyacinth  overcoming of grief, gentleness, inner beauty
 Iris  higher inspiration, psychic purity
 Lavender  magic, love, protection, healing and vision
 Lily  birth, godly mind, humility
 Marigold  fidelity, longevity, loving sacrifice
 Morning Glory  breaking down of the old, spontaneity
 Rose  love, strength through silence, passion
 Rosemary  power, clarity of thought, sensitivity
 Snapdragon  will force, creative expression, clairaudience
 Sunflower  opportunities, self actualization, happiness
 Violet  modesty, fulfillment, psychic sensitivity
~from Maat's Book of Shadows