Saturday, May 18, 2024

The Words of Aradia Concerning the Goddess

The Goddess is the life force inasmuch as She is the fertility of all things.  It is through Her activity that we are born, and that seeds push up through the Earth and grow into plants.  She moves the God to create through His desire for Her.

The Goddess is the joy of life.  She is the passion to live.  Compassion, love, gentleness and kindness are the essence of Her Spirit.  All women carry the Goddess within in various aspects and degrees.

Yet, there is a duality in all things, and the Goddess can manifest as sterility, vengeance and destruction.  She is the Soul of Nature.

The Goddess rules the night and the Moon is Her symbol.  All women are linked to Her through the Moon, which influences the flow of blood.  The night is the essence of the mystery which all women possess.  This is the elusive quality which all women bear, but can never be known or touched upon.

The desire of men for women is the desire of God for Goddess.  It is the attraction of the life force.

The Goddess is known as the Queen of Heaven.  She is clothed in stars and wears a silver crown adorned with a crescent moon.  She is the Earth Mother, clothed in green and endowed with large breasts which rise a rounded hills beyond the lush green meadows.  She is pregnant with the Child of Life, which She bears each year.  She is the Virgin Maiden, naked and beautiful.  She is youth and lust for life.  She is the Enchantress and the Temptress. She is all women.
The Goddess does not accept live sacrifices as were given in ancient times.  She is the Goddess of life and all living things.  She demands respect for life.  If you give offerings in Her honor, then better it be of fruits or grains, or things of beauty.