Saturday, May 18, 2024

If a girl stands before a mirror while eating an apple and combing her hair at midnight on Halloween, her future husbands' image will be reflected in the glass over her left shoulder.

If a girl cuts an apple into nine pieces at midnight on Halloween in front of a mirror, then sticks each piece with a knife and holds each piece (one at a time) over her left shoulder, as the ninth piece hits the reflection in the mirror, she will see her future husband.

If a girl peels an apple in one long piece at midnight on Halloween, and then tosses the peel over her left shoulder or into a bowl of water, she will be able to read the first initial of her future partners' name in the shape assumed by the discarded peel.

If a girl peels an apple at midnight on Halloween and hangs the peel on a nail by the front door, the initials of the first man to enter will be the same as those of her unknown lover.

If a group of unmarried boys and girls each attach an apple to a string and twirl the apple over a fire, the order in which the apples fall off the string indicates the order in which they will all be married. The owner of the last apple to drop will remain unmarried.

In a group of unmarried boys and girls, each person marks an apple and places it in a large bucket of water, along with unmarked apples. Without using their hands, the teens attempt to take bites out of the apples floating in the water. The teen is fated to marry the person whose apple they bite. Another variation of this custom consists of hanging the apples from strings tied to a tree.

The American custom of apple bobbing has a divinatory meaning as well: whoever snags an apple first will be wed first, and if a boy or girl puts the apple they caught during the game under their pillow on Halloween Eve, they will dream of their intended lover.

For the girl who has many suitors, the apple seed divination is a must. The young woman peels and apple and places a wet seed named for each boyfriend on her cheeks. The seed to fall off last will be her next lover. Variations include sticking the seeds on the eyelids or forehead. The girl can also put the seeds in a heavy pan on the stove. The first seed to pop declares who will be (or is) unfaithful.

For a suitor to declare his bravery for his lady love at a party, the young woman's apple is hung from a string on one side of a pole and a lit candle hung on a string on the other side of the pole. As the pole is spun amid cheers and laughter, the suitor must brave the flame to catch the apple in his teeth. If he fails to do so, the couple will not be a couple much longer.

~from Maat's Book of Shadows