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Find, choose, or purchase two stones that are similar in size.  One should be very light in color, the other dark. While holding the stones, think of the question, then shake them in your hand like dice and then toss them to the floor in front of you. If the light colored stone lands closer to you the answer is Yes. If the dark colored stone lands closer to you the answer is NO.  If they both land equally distant than you must rephrase the question and try again.
The Casting of Lots
'Lots' made of bone, shell, or wood made up most tribal divination systems. These systems had a finite number of lots; for instance, four to twenty-four pieces. Four lots could possibly give you sixteen combinations, with each combination relating to a specific message. Each specific pattern may have its own sponsoring divinity, future meaning, present advice, and/or spiritual plan.  A second throw could also include finite numbers of messages. The more lots, the more patterns, the more throws, the more extensive the answers. The current rune system with twenty-four disks, each with its own design (depending on the system you use), began with this lot system.
Yes/No Stones
This particular technique is the easiest to master; however, you must trust your intuition and not second-guess the issue, as well as be sure to ask the proper question (wording it in a clear and concise manner).
Make Your Own Lots
Choose three items of the same size (three small stones, three small pieces of wood, etc.). Paint one side solid or mark with a design. Leave the other side of the object blank. The painted side will be a positive answer while the blank side will be negative. Hold the objects in your hands and ask your question in a manner which can be answered with a 'yes' or 'no' answer. This isn't always as easy as it sounds, but once you get used to wording your questions, your answers will be clearer.
Close your eyes and ask the Divine to aid you in this divination. Ask your question, then throw the objects. Follow the key below:
--Three 'yes' objects= Yes
--Three 'no' objects= No
--Two 'yes' objects and one 'no' object= A struggle, but the conclusion will be "Yes."  Throw again to determine the source of the struggle.
--Two 'no' objects and one 'yes' object= Maybe, but the outcome has not been determined due to decisions that you, or someone else, will make. Throw again to learn more details.

You may wish to meditate first and burn a candle while casting the yes/no lots. Try not to do your divination if you are in a hurry, as you won't be able to concentrate properly. And keep a record of your answers. If you would like to expand your lots to include a timing mechanism, paint a fourth stone with a full moon on one side and a new moon on the other. You can throw this with the other three lots, or separately.

~from Maat's Book of Shadows