This is a secret favorite of mine, as I am a role-play gamer, and I usually have dice lying around somewhere. A die is easily kept in your purse and useful if you're having a problem and need a little guidance. (Although the best time to do any divination is during the calmest part of your day.) Say a quick prayer for help and roll the die.

1 Means NO... or not good...or negative.
2 Means indecision, having two options and not knowing which one to choose.
3 Means YES or that it is good.
4 Means financial stability.
5 Means status quo.  Not much change.
6 Means GREAT -- go for it.

Another, more complicated, way to use dice requires three dice and a way to mark a 12- inch circle. Mark your circle, think of your question and roll the die.  Any die that goes out of the circle doesn't count. If all the dice roll out of the circle forget it for today and try again tomorrow. The numbers added, mean:
1.  Loneliness or loss.
2.  Love or a crush.
3.  A great surprise is on it's way.
4.  A bad surprise is on it's way.
5.  You will meet someone who impresses you in some way.
6.  You will loose something important to you.
7.  There will be some kind of problem involving you.
8.  What goes around comes around.  Something you did in   your past will come back to bite you.
9.  A wedding in the future.
10. A promotion of some sort.
11.  The death of someone you know or a partnership.  Could be the death of a situation or attitude.
12.  Important news in the form of a letter, e-mail, telegram.
13.  Something will cause you to shed tears.
14.  A new admirer.
15.   Be careful, caution required.
16.  A happy undertaking.
17. A rewarding undertaking will be coming to you soon.
18.  Something Great is going to happen.

Another technique (from my grandmother) is this:
Place three dice into a small box or dish. Close your eyes. Make a wish. Then toss the dice onto a china plate. If any of the dice should fall off the plate, they do not count. Add up the number of dots and interpret as follows:
  Three:    Imminent good luck and a wish fulfilled.
  Four:      A slight setback will cause disappointment.
  Five:       A stranger brings much new happiness.
  Six:        A new blessing comes well disguised.
  Seven:    You become the victim of gossip.
  Eight:     Confusion causes unwise decisions don't act in haste.
  Nine:      Success in love and reconciliation.
  Ten:        Success in career and finance is imminent.
  Eleven:    Short-term illness causes you anxiety.
  Twelve:   Seek advice regarding legal documents.
  Thirteen: Self-pity causes delays and hassles.
  Fourteen: A new social circle brings excitement.
  Fifteen:   Follow your intuition about false friends.
  Sixteen:   A short journey brings profit and pleasure.
  Seventeen: A stranger from overseas brings successful propositions.
  Eighteen:   Happiness, financial success and a rise in status.

~ from Maat's Book of Shadows