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Tea leaf reading (also know as Tasseography) is another ancient form of divination, one that has undergone many changes over the years to hide its power and protect its users. Interestingly, tea leaf reading is incredibly common place in otherwise orthodox religious communities. Like dreaming, it relies heavily on the readers' ability to recognize symbols and allow them to speak to the unconscious mind, thereby accessing the psychic realm.

The technique is fairly simple:
Pick out a light colored cup so you can see the leaves easier.
Place loose leaves in cup without a strainer (large leaf tea is somewhat easier to work with). If you can use, tea from organic plants harvested with care -- they're just a bit closer to Nature. The leaves from a commercial tea bag will work in a pinch.
Pour hot water into your cup and let it steep.
Drink the tea and reflect on the question you wish the leaves to answer. Leave about a tablespoon of liquid at the bottom.
Take the cup by the handle and swirl the contents in a clockwise motion, three times continuing to focus on the question or situation.
Tip the cup upside down on a saucer, paper plate, napkin, or paper towel. The liquid should drip out, turn the cup right side up and carefully inspect the patterns found in the tea leaves on the inside of the cup.

Some tips:
Your first impression is important.

Think of the handle of the cup as you, the symbols closest to the handle have the most impact on you. The symbols farthest away should have less impact.

Symbols on the left side of the cup are usually viewed as negative while symbols on the right side of the cup are usually viewed as positive. (This is definitely superstition.)

Symbols close to the rim or lip of the cup are viewed as in the present time frame.  The farther you move down the cup the farther into the future you are reading. The bottom of the cup represents about one year into the future.

Use your intuition and don't be afraid to ask the querent if a symbol has a particular meaning for them.

As with dream symbols, what you see is more likely to be correct if you let your intuition guide you as to what you see and what it means!

Here are a few symbols and their traditional meanings:
Acorns.....herald the good news that financial conditions are improving.
Angels.....seem to appear whenever good tidings are due.
Arrows.....symbolize unwelcome news......something needs urgent attention.
Bats......warn you to be aware of false friends.
Bees......represent a virtual hive of enjoyable activity.
Birds..... Are a sign of good luck, especially if they are flying. kindness and/or spirituality, especially if they appear to be alight.
Castles.....denote the fulfillment of high ideals, goals and expectations.
Churches/Church Symbols..... solemn occasions, e.g. marriage, christening, funeral.
Daggers.....predict secret enemies.
Dogs......represent good friends
Doves......represent peace of mind and personal happiness.
Drums......represent noisy parties; also gossip.
Eagles..... Represent a position of authority, law, government, politics.
Eggs.......that are well formed show good vibrations; cracked or broken, bad vibes. good fortune-----soon if the trunk is up-------later if it is down.
Feathers.......represent fragility regarding a physical or mental condition.
Fences.......suggest you are imprisoned by your personal circumstances.
Flies........represent minor setbacks.
Garlands......represent honors that will be bestowed upon you.
Glasses......suggest you are vulnerable to lies and deception; also false friends.
Guns.......mean that someone is gunning for you......but not literally. that your quality of lifestyle is or will be of a high standard.
Hearts.....mean love, romance, marriage, happy results in emotional issues.
Jesters......are practical jokers; frivolous actions.
Jockeys....tell you to take a punt, because you are going to be lucky; a winning streak.
Keys.....mean a new experience; new doors open for you with pleasant surprises.
Kites .....tell you that you will rise through the ranks to a lofty position.
Lamps.....suggest that you will achieve a deeper understanding about your karmic lessons.
Logs.....are a heavy burden; they also represent stubbornness.
Masks.....mean you will be the victim of deception.
Moon.....full means a love affair; half represents marriage for material gain.
Numbers......could be your lucky lotto numbers.
Owls.....are not a good sign, contrary to popular belief.....they mean sickness.
Parcel ....Suggests  a luxurious lifestyle; vanity.
Rabbit.....represents timidity, phobias, fears.
Rainbow....means protection and the assurance of a secure future.
Scales......are dealings with the law that show a favorable outcome.
Ship .......means that at last your ship comes in; an abundance of good luck.
Table......means a social gathering, a culinary feast.
Trees.....represent prosperity, growth, expansion.
Umbrella....reassures you that you will be sheltered from adverse conditions.
Vulture......warns that you will be the victim of envy and vulnerable to attack.
Wagon......means transportation; you will purchase a new vehicle.
Windmill........means that slowly but surely you will achieve success.
Wings......are a messenger who brings good things.

A few more Good Omens.....
anchors, birds, bouquets, clover, corn, crown, cradle, dove, daffodil, duck, dice, flowers, fruit, gems, horseshoes, lantern, peacock, sun, stars, unicorn....

Bad Omens.....
clouds, coffin, cross, monkey, mouse, mountains, raven, scythe, skeleton, skull, snake, tears, teeth, wolf.

~from Maat's Book of Shadows