Saturday, May 18, 2024

I started doing energy work and spiritual healing using intention, prayer, color, light, Tarot and visualization as well as hands on and distance techniques many years ago before I ever heard of Reiki or attuned energy systems at all. I have found that various attunements can greatly focus the ability to consistently work with energy but that it is quite possible to do very effective treatments without attunements or formal training results do vary greatly between individuals and methods, the healer channels and in some cases directs a flow but of themselves has no power the ability is not a rare and special gift but is potentially available to each of us.  Here are a few ways to start that do not require attunements.

Remember that what you can imagine you can create energy wise asking and inviting angels and other high vibrational spiritual beings to help you is a good place to start. though energy work healing does seem to work whether one approaches it as a spiritual practice or strictly as an electro-magnetic phenomena that is based on bio-chemical reactions that we do not as yet fully understand.

To be effective at energy work it is of great value to know how to ground and center yourself connecting with the spiritual heart of the earth and Source and calling yourself together aligning your thoughts and personal entirety in a solid focused state. this is a frequent basic practice in virtually all forms of spiritual work , healing, meditation, manifestation , protection releasing and is of itself often profoundly healing not only should every one learn to ground in the way they feel most comfortable with. Seeing that the person you are treating knows how to ground may be the most valuable part of your healing and energy work sessions.

Healing energy can be described as bio-electromagnetic energy because it appears to carry an electrical charge, to have magnetism and to be produced naturally by the human body. Some people can see this energy in the form of colors, others can hear it and almost everyone is able to feel it.  Healing energy has been used in almost all cultures and countries since the beginning of time, yet the healing energies are still not totally understood. Past history and current successes report the existence of such energy and the many benefits of using it, yet these benefits are still down-played, discounted and invalidated, or even attributed to "something else".

Energy can be locked into the body in many different ways, on a mental, physical, emotional or spiritual level of any combination of these levels. When blocked energy is locked in to the body and its energy field, stress, tentions, aches and pains, emotional difficulties and even disease can result. The body, mind and spirit of a person are always seeking a return to wholeness. The extra energy provided in a healing session can release a trauma that has been locked in at any of these levels. Releasing stored, blocked or suppressed energy is a natural and health giving process that allows a person to resolve past issues and becomes more alive and whole.

Energy is always present, no matter where we are. The more sensitive we are to energy, the easier it is to feel it. Healing energy is rather like a flow of water. If the person receiving the healing is open and receptive, the energy will flow easily to them. If they are resistant or fearful, the flow will be restricted.

There are three categories of healing energy:
Personal related energy - the energy generated by the body or channeled through the body, known as Ki or Chi.
Psychic Energy - The ability to focus the power of the mind and to direct and concentrate energy through thought.
Mystical Energy - Where a person is working with Spirit, Guides, God/Goddess. Here a person is going beyond all ego and tapping into the power of the universe at their fullest potential.

When you allow your ego-self to step aside and let Universal energy flow through naturally, healings can occur at a level far beyond what you may have believed possible. In choosing to work with Mystical energy, you will find the energy supply is limitless. By requesting and using universal energy, you can achieve a higher vibrational level and create a stronger energy field for use in healing work.

The information that I will be giving you is a combination of Reiki, Pranic Healing, Hands-on-Healing, and Psychic Healing. IMHO no one healing technique is "better" than another. I hold the same opinion on "initiations" into different healing modalities. All of us ARE HEALERS, its just a matter of tapping into the information and practicing. A belief in yourself and your healing abilities is essential!

The next exercise I will give you is called "Tapping into your Personal Energy" Please try to practice it as often as you can in the next week or so, then discuss your findings with the rest of the class. Remember, there is no "wrong" answers!

First rub your hands together to cause friction, then pull the palms apart and facing each other at a distance of about 6 inches. After a few moments, a tingling, heat, magnetic, cold or rippling sensation will happen. This is the aura, The Reiki/laying on of hands life energy. Play with the sensation, tossing the energy like a spongy ball or pulling it like taffy between your facing palms. Keep the hands apart, not touching each other or anything else. The feeling grows and finally fades. Try it again. In Reiki, the thumb and fingers are always held together. Each finger is the ending of a zone or meridian and contains and plus or minus electrical energy charge. The charges alternate with each finger. By holding the fingers and thumb together, the energy field is linked. The result is a stronger power for healing. Hold the fingers together in this way, palms facing, and practice raising and playing with the energy. At the end of the experiment run your hands under cool water of place palms to the earth to ground the collection of energies.

Now try channeling this energy, drawing it from the universe. Imagine a flow of light starting above your head and moving through the chakras from crown to heart to palms. The flow runs through the upper chakras, crown, brow, throat, heart, hands. Establish the image of that flow and visualize it while holding your hands palms together. Feel the energy making a triangle with a bisecting light column running through it, points at the crown and both elbows. Hold the palms together at the height of the heart center and in front of it. Feel the flowing energy entering from above the crown, moving through the chakras to the hands and making a closed circuit with the touching palms. Feel the energy, moving in a circle, leaving the body again, returning upward through the crown center. Establish this as a continuous flow.

If you do not immediately feel the flow of energy or develop sensitivity to it, it may take some time. Here are some suggestions. First, be calm and relaxed, as much in the meditative state as possible. Treat it seriously but have fun with it! By being relaxed, not trying too hard and enjoying the process, you make it easier to learn. There is no right or wrong way, no failure, and none to blame if the energy doesn't seem to happen. Stop when tired, and try again later. Also know that healing takes place, whether the healer feels anything in her hands or not. The person who is being healed may feel quite a lot of energy, while the healer feels nothing and vice versa. The quality of the sensation is different for each healing too.

Sensing Energy
Many people find that if they rub their hands together vigorously first they can feel energy more easily . After rubbing your hands together vigorously to sensitize them if this helps you be more aware of energy. Run your hands over your own body or that of the being wanting a treatment holding your hands about an inch away from the physical body. Feel for hot and cold spots in the energy field. Pull out and throw away anything you feel intuitively that you should pull out and envision healing light filling any place where you remove blocks or that feels empty or that you feel needs it. Combing and fluffing the aura with your fingers as though combing hair can also help clear and lighten the aura.

You can also feel for the energy of the chakra and encourage them to be open and clear and be well seated in the central energy channel. If you feel sticky or dark energy as you do this you can give it to Spirit, the Light, Earth to be transformed.
In addition to pulling out blocks and overcharges in the energy field. Visualize and allow spiritual healing energy to flow freely and fill and charge the person or other, being treated do not try to do anything just allow it to happen you are not using your own personal chi because while many healers do use it you could drain yourself if you did and create illness in your self. Using the universal spiritual chi is more effective in any case. be a neutral channel for the energy and you may be amazed by the long term results this is the first formal method I used. I have seen at least one genuine "miracle" from this technique alone (well, with some pretty intense prayer thrown in.)This is something that anyone can do. Attunements and other training did strengthen and increase the reliability of these methods and it must be of true benefit and desire for the person to heal. We can not and should not define what really is the best possible outcome in most situations but allow spirit to work. Sometimes in order for a positive outcome to occur the first apparent result will be a setback.
Ball of Light
Move your hands back and forth as though clapping in slow motion until you have a sense of your aura. Then feel or envision or imagine the energy forming a ball of healing light. pumping or scooping motions to help draw in more Chi are often quite effective. When you feel or imagine a nice big ball of energy between your hands take the energy ball to your "patient" and lower, push, put it into their body you can either put it in and smooth it down and make another ball and keep doing it until you feel done or you can take the ball and envision it as a collector to gather and sweep the illness or imbalance away disperse it to the Earth or the Light to be transformed when you are done envision the one being treated bathed in healing light. White is the most common but I like rainbow and golden light myself. Envision healing energy flowing from your hands and going to where it is needed. You can imagine and visualize your energy fingers growing longer so that you can reach into a body to remove energetic gunk stuck within the energy body.
When you do the work you do not work at it at all you just put your hands on or send mentally either from your hands it is allowing the natural life force to flow. Ask and invite angels and healing spirits of the highest order to help you. Sometimes you might feel an angelic healer reach through your arms to work on the person.
A technique for rapid healing from injuries that often is effective is to go back in your mind to the moment of the accident and visualize as clearly and nearly as possible the exact event except change a detail/details so that the accident, injury, trauma , does not happen you are not in any way hurt, repeat the visualization over and over make it as real as possible ,if it is practical to act out the event as closely as possible in the physical world - as almost slamming the door on your hand that can make this even more effective. If you are in pain and the pain is reduced then its ok to drop the visualization but keep reinforcing this vision . I have used this on cut fingers and on my chronic knee with good results for speeding healing. Theoretically, this is more effective if done soon after an injury but I have used it on injuries and traumatic experiences from years back with good results.
Rainbow Baths
Running colors, visualizing bathing in colored light is another common way to clear and revitalize the energy field in addition to gold light any and all of the spectrum colors can be used or fine filaments of rainbow crystaline light.

~from Maat's Book of Shadows