Saturday, May 18, 2024

Come, the moon's path opens before thee-
From thy secret realm dark as midnight seas
Approach the crossroad of wolves, thy wild minions
Thou that runs  with the fierce, run now with us-
Drive our foes into the dense impassable forests-
Come like a fire blazing as high as if the firmament
Were kindled by the wind's great power
They will be calmed by the calling of thy name!
Guide of the underworld- of the ancient wisdom
Black as night, red as blood
Wise as time, ever lasting...

Who art  the souls mirror and the keeper of the keys
Enter there upon the chamber where infidels
Bear aloft their weapons of war
Strike there with thine eye which penetrates all darkness
And release those who profain the blessed night!
Come, calm all fears of those who are thy children.
In the silvered silence of the moon
In the cries of all passion
In the howls of the wild
Hecate grant us thy presence!
Come, may the darkness dance with the light!

"as the darkness now draws near
See the cycle of the year
As the light now goes within
Let the hallows dance begin-"
Tonight (Adapted From Orphic Hymn)
Brown, Hawk. Invocation to Hecate. Louisville, Kentucky. 1996.