Saturday, May 18, 2024

            Hail the Great and Mighty Mother!
            Your Womb is the Cradle of Heaven,
            Your eggs are cast across countless worlds within.
            Hail the Mother of the Earth, Grandmother of all!
            Hail Earth, Daughter of Heaven!
            Earth, whose life-blood is the salty sea,
            Whose bones are the mighty mountains,
            Whose belly is pregnant with Life!

            Earth we hallow You! And your many children,
            Those that swim in the sea, that fly in the air,
            Those who run on the ground, and whose leaves wax green.
            So great has your family grown, no one can tally its count!
            Hail Earth, Mother of all Living!
            Dwell among us on this Full Moon night!
            We are in celebration of your Continuous Gifts!
            Great One, make yourself known to us!
            Hail and Welcome!
~from Maat's Book of Shadows