Saturday, May 18, 2024

Artemis, I sing thy praises.
From thy woodlands great
I call unto thee..
I have answered thee
in the dark of night..
Thy hands have fed me,
And I am full.
Thou Huntress of the Night,
Divine Protectress,
Keeper of the Mysteries,
Let thy light flood me with wisdom
And thy presence fill me..
I have answered thee
In the early morn..
Thy song has comforted me
And I am strong.
Great Goddess of Moon and Magic,
Mistress of the deer and owl,
Be thou my guide and inspiration.
Teach my thy mysteries,
And lead me in thy ways,
For I have seen thee beneath the cool, dark night,
And I have answered thee.

~by Andrea E. Feeser

"Come with bows bent and with emptying of quivers,
Maiden most perfect, lady of light,
With a noise of winds and many rivers,
With a clamour of waters and with might,
Bind on thy sandals, O thou most fleet;
For the faint east quickens, the wan west shivers
Round the feet of the day and the feet of the night."
~ Swinburne, "Atlanta"
"Maiden of the Mere, Timarete here brings,
Before she weds, her cymbals, her dear ball
To Thee, a Maid, her maiden offerings,
Her snood, her maiden dolls, their clothes and all..
Hold, Leto's Child, above Timarete
Thine hand and keep her virginal like thee."

~ "Anthology" (an offering before marriage)

"Hail to thee, Maiden blest, proudest and holiest:
God's daughter, great in bliss,
Leto-born, Artemis!
Hail to thee, Maiden, far fairest of all that are,
Yea, and most high thine home,
Child of the Father's Hall;
Hear, O most virginal,
Hear, O most fair of all,
In high God's golden dome."

~ Hippolytus