This is a very beautiful visualization/meditation.

Sit/lie comfortably. Music or tapes of nature sounds are immensely helpful in this one. Close your eyes. Slow your breathing.

Imagine yourself walking down a woodland path. There are deer, squirrels, rabbits and other wildlife scampering in the underbrush. You can hear birds singing. As you walk, the path becomes progressively steeper. You climb, but the uphill walk does not tire you. As you come to the crest of the hill, you see the opening to a cave in the side of a mountain, only a few feet away. Your totem animal, or an animal you identify with, should be waiting there.

Walk into the cave. At first the walls will be black or grey. Then you see a sparkle, and the walls are covered with garnets, giving off a scarlet glow. Walk through the hall of garnets, absorbing their light. Slowly, the garnets will give way to carnelian, glowing softly orange. Walk through the carnelians, absorbing their light. Slowly, the carnelian gives way to topaz, shining with a sunshiny yellow.

Walk through the topaz, absorbing its light. The topaz will give way to emerald. Walk through the emerald, absorbing its light. The emeralds will give way to turquoise. Walk through the turquoise, absorbing its light. The turquoise gives way to walls of sapphires. Walk through the sapphires, absorbing their light. The sapphires will finally give way to amethyst. Walk through the amethyst, absorbing its light.

When you have come through the amethyst hall, you should be in the place you want to be. For me, it is always an open plain, with mustangs and eagles. Let your mind go, it will take you where you need to go.
~from Maat's Book of Shadows