Saturday, May 18, 2024

Choose a night of the Full Moon and light a silver candle at Gabriel's hour (9pm). Sit where you can observe the Moon and begin to breathe quietly and deeply, inhaling the mystic light of Her silvery rays in your imagination so that, as you breathe out, you exhale a beautiful outpouring of white magical radiance. See yourself and your surroundings as suffused with this light. Say to the Moon:

Moon-Goddess, Enchantress and Mistress of the night, I pray that I might be endued with the grace and the strength of your majesty and beauty and enchantment of your magnetism. I experience the bliss of your peace, tranquility and power. I hail you as Queen of Wisdom and the Receptive Soul.

All my life I shall walk in the charmed circle of your wisdom, beauty, power, serenity and mystery. I am filled with the heavenly peace of your motherly love, which enfolds me tenderly within the great white wings of Isis, whose
radiant presence is with me in every life situation.

Sit for a few minutes contemplating the Moon's mysteries, then bow to Her and blow out your candle.

~source unknown