You are at a carnival, and you enter a "fun house."
Do you give the carnie a ticket, coins, or money?
Does he just let you on by? What does he look like?
Does he seem to be operating any machinery?
What is the weather like?
What does the entrance and outside look like?
Is it a scary house or  a silly house?

You walk through the entrance and onto a path with spinning disks.
Which way do you spin?
Do you get dizzy?
Do you simply hop across them onto the stairs?

The stairs take you onto a swinging bridge.
Is the bridge  rubbery-bouncy, or wood, or metal?
Do you swing and bounce?
Do you rush across it?

Check the background.
Is it colorful?
Is it dark?
Do you hear music in the background?

At the end of the stairs is a maze of mirrors. Describe yourself in the different distortions you see.
Do any of the distortions look like your actual self-perception?
Do you stop and play, or do you head on to the glass maze?
How do you find your way through the maze?
Do you figure your way through the optical illusion?
Do you use geometry?
Do you simply bump your way through it, touching the glass?
When you touch the glass, do you leave fingerprints?

At the end of the maze is a fireman's pole, a slide, and some stairs. All lead to the small opening at the end of the house.
Which do you take?
How does it feel?

You must cross through two openings to make the exit. The first is a large, spinning wheel.
Do you ride the wheel all the way around, do you tread sideways to get across it, do you hop or somersault over it?

The second is a large doorway that simply rocks back and forth.
Do you ride it for awhile, do you try to dance on it or toss a penny to see it slide back and forth?
Do you just hop down it without gyrating with it?

And at the end of the journey, how does the world look?
What does the carny look like?
What does the road look like?

Blessed Be!
Diana Rajchel
Elder, Shadowmoon Coven
Used with permission.